Circassian Conference in Istanbul: 70 speakers will talk about the Circassian problems

At the International Circassian Conference, which going on in Istanbul from 24 to 27 June 2022, Circassians from Turkey,  USA, Canada, Europe, Jordan, Israel and the Caucasus will discus the problems of the Circassians. The official opening of the conference was in June 24. 

At this conference, the Circassians gathered under the slogan "Together for a better future" in order to determine road maps and give the opportunity to live their identity and culture, carry them into the future. It will feature 70 speakers from around the world, including academics, opinion leaders, institutions and youth, who will present their ideas and proposals in 17 sessions. 

This is the third International Circassian Conferences which organized by the Circassian Repatriation Organization (CRO, Canada) and the Nuremberg Circassian Association with the help of the Circassian Women Society in  Turkey.