Jordan: "Determination Group" ignores the Circassian homeland


Two days ago we published news about the elections that will be held for the management of the Central Circassian Association in the Jordanian Kingdom on January 14, 2023 -

When we browsed through Facebook in search of candidates for these elections, we discovered a Circassian group from Jordan that had already started campaigning for the elections a few months ago in order to be elected to the board of the association. This group has a page on Facebook called The Determination List - The group consists of 15 candidates.

The group's Facebook page is updated almost every few days. Photos of the list members with Circassian organizations and Circassian public figures in Jordan.

What interested us more is to know the goals set by this group. We discovered these goals on the group's Facebook page and it has more than 10 points that talk about the group's goals. 

What surprised us is that in all these goals there is no mention, not even in one word of the Circassian homeland. This group declares that it is ready to lead the Circassian community in Jordan, and the association headed by them have a Circassian name, did not see fit to write about the Circassian homeland, such as, for example, to strengthen the ties of the Circassian community in Jordan with the Circassian homeland in the Caucasus. 

It is very unfortunate and what is even more surprising that this group does not take an example from the Palestinians they live next to, who talk about Palestine day and night.