Who will solve the difficult demographic situation in Adygea?

According to the data provided by the Russian Federation statistical institution from January until May 2019, in the Republic of Adygea 2507 people have died and 1580 babies were born. According to the data in 2018, in the same months , 2377 people died and 1744 babies were born.

The number of people who passed away in 2019 increased compared to last year. According to this table, the demographic problem in Adygea continues to increase every year.

According to the data until June 2019 , the number of people living in Adygea is 457.355. The Circassians in the republic about 30% of the total population.

According to the data from January until April 2019, in Kabardino-Balkarian Republic 1821 people passed away and 2364 babies were born. Until April 2019 the number of people living in Kabardino-Balkaria is 866,605. The Circassians about 60% of the total population of the republic.