Circassian Conference Opens in Nuremberg

The Circassian Cultural Association in Nuremberg and the Circassian Repatriation Organization hold the second international Circassian conference under the slogan "What unites us."

The conference will be held at the Karl Brueger Center in Nuremberg (Germany) from October 18 to 20 of October this year. During the first international Circassian conference in September last year, it was decided to hold the second such conference in Europe. In addition, the conference participants came to the conclusion that the Circassian language should be declared as the official language of the event. At the same time, the organizers allow the opportunity to speak in any language convenient for the speaker.

The International Circassian Conference was founded as a platform on which Circassian civic activists, representatives of the business community, and the academic community meet and exchange ideas in key areas of their activities.

Conference participants in their speeches will touch on many topics: economics, business, history, culture, education, art, music. The event will be held within 3 days.