What to do in order to save the Circassian language?

Photo: cbc.ca

Today, it is clear to everyone that the Circassian language is in dire straits and it can quickly disappear from the world in decades if the Circassians do nothing serious to stop this process.

The decline of the Circassian language has many causes, but here are two main reasons:
- Circassians are not in one place but scattered all over the world.
- Russia's politics toward the nations of the Russian Federation.

Today, existing technology in the world gives the opportunity to overcome the two obstacles we mentioned above and the possibilities for developing and promoting the Circassian language are as follows:

1. Establishing a worldwide television station that will broadcast in the Circassian language 24 hours a day.

2. Establishing a worldwide radio that will broadcast in Circassian language 24 hours a day.

3. Establishing a website that will work in Circassian language. Such a site will work in the field of information related to the Circassian people and the Circassian homeland and the site will contain language learning material for all ages.

 4. Opening of private schools whose main language of study will be the Circassian language (other languages ​​will also be taught).

5. Establishing a World Fund  on developing and strengthening the Circassian language.

There are many other ways that will strengthen the language, but we have mentioned here the five most important things that can promote the Circassian language.

Circassians are not a small nation and are not poor so they can establish the things we mentioned here without any problem if they provide the organizing side professionally as well as the work center must be in one of the democratic countries in Europe.

The first step to implementing this program is to set up an independent world committee for the Circassian language.

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