An interactive museum for bisons will appear in Adygea

The Caucasian State Natural Biosphere Reserve announced its intention to open a special interactive museum in the Republic of Adygea for its centennial in 2024 - it will be fully devoted to bison. This was told by the director of the reserve Sergey Shevelev,- reports Vestni Kavkaza.

“We plan to create an interactive open-air museum dedicated to the bison by the 100th anniversary of the reserve in the meadow near the village of Guzeripl. We want to recreate the previously existing bison park so that guests of the reserve, many tourists can find out how selflessly the employees of the reserve worked, caring for animals, trying to restore population," Shevelev explained.

Shevelev said that now about 1,150 bison live in the reserve, their population is increasing annually by 20%.