200 infected with coronavirus in South Korea

The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 coronavirus infection in South Korea increased by 48 people per day, South Korean media reported on Friday.

Thus, the total number of infected in this country is now 204 people. Most new infections have been reported in the city of Daegu (2.4 million inhabitants). The South Korean authorities said they were keeping the situation under control, but they warned that the peak of the spread of coronavirus in the country was probably not yet passed.

On Thursday, February 20, Mayor of Daegu Kwon Yong Jin called on residents not leave their homes to prevent the spread of infection.

According to the latest data from the Chinese State Health Committee, as of 00:00 local time on Friday (February 20), 75,465 cases of infection with Covid-19 coronavirus have been confirmed, 2,236 people have died.

Meanwhile, the Chinese ambassador to the Russian Federation said that Beijing plans to completely eradicate the coronavirus epidemic in March.

Source: interfax