Greta Ttunberg invites youth to a rally in Hamburg

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, almost a year after the last visit, returns to Hamburg. She invites German students and youth to take part in the rally.

Greta Thunberg will attend the "Friday for the Future" demonstration to be held in the German port city on February 21.

“The visit of Greta Thunberg shows that “Friday for the future”, like the climate crisis, is not limited by national borders, and that Hamburg will be in the spotlight of Europe on this day”,-the co-organizer of the rally Arno Behmann from the German Press Agency DPA said.

It is expected that on February 21, about 30 thousand people will take part in the demonstration. The march of activists will begin with Heiligengeistfeld, then the demonstrators want to go through the city center along Rathausmarkt, Jungfernstieg and Gänsemarkt. Thunberg will deliver a speech to youth. Also at the rally, a performance of the Hamburg hip-hop group Fettes Brot is planned.

Greta Thunberg is the initiator of the climate youth movement. For several years of active public speaking, the girl became a leader in world-class opinions. She is invited to many events of global importance, such as the UN Climate Conference or the World Economic Forum in Davos. Recently it became known that the Swedish activist was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year.