Circassian activists and organizations will defend Kochesoko

The Court of the city of Nartkala in Kabardino-Balkaria Republic will look on the case of the Circassian activist Martin Kochesoko on August 17. He is allegedly charged with possession of drugs in his car. All the Circassian activists and organizations in the Circassian homeland and the Circassian Diaspora do not believe this version of the police and have also issued statements that they will protect the Circassian activist.

Kochesoko himself denies these allegations and mentions that last year on his way back home the police arrested him and started conducting searches in his car. During the search, one of the policemen allegedly found drugs in the trunk of the car. So, Martin was detained for three weeks. Then the court released him under house arrest.

A similar case happened last year to a Russian journalist from Moscow who was arrested on drug charges, but after hundreds of people started demonstrating for him, the police released him after a few days.

The Court will begin at 10:00, September 3, 2020. Address: Nartkala, st. Krasnaya, 263