Demonstrations in Khabarovsk (Russia) for the fourth week

Photo: Igor Volkov / AP

Residents of the city of Khabarovsk in east of the Russia Federation for the fourth Saturday went to an unauthorized rally in support of the governor of Khabarovsk province Sergei Furgala.

First, the protesters gathered at the building of the regional government on Lenin Square, and then marched along the streets of the city. Participants of the action with placards and flags chanting the slogans "I, we, he, she - the whole country is for Furgala!", "Honest court in Khabarovsk!", "Freedom to Furgala!", "Putin thief".

Protests in Khabarovsk over Furgal's arrest began on 11 July. According to various sources, then 35 thousand people took part in the demonstration. The most ambitious action took place on last Saturday, about 70 thousand people took part in it.

The demonstrations in the city began after the arrest of the governor Sergei Furgala on suspicion of complicity in murder in 2005. Demonstrators do not believe this version and demand its release. During the four weeks of the demonstrations, the security forces did not intervene in them.

Similar demonstrations are taking place in other cities in eastern Russia but not like Khabarovsk. These demonstrations are a sign of the desire of Russian citizens to replace the existing regime led by Putin. Apparently this is the beginning of Putin's political end.