Merkel: EU must strive for a unified position in foreign policy

"Europe is strong when it speaks with one voice." With these words, German Chancellor Angela Merkel commented on the results of her meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. According to Merkel, the European Union must strive for a unified position in foreign policy and a unified European response is also required in countering the pandemic.

“In July, we showed that we are able to act together in solving important economic and political issues. And the same approach should be applied for discussions in the European Parliament and during the ratification process at the national level, because the availability of these funds for the necessary investments at the beginning of next year has critical, "Angela Merkel said.

Commenting on the situation in Belarus, the French President said that the EU is interested in a democratic transitional period achieved through dialogue and holding fair and free elections.

In resolving the problems that have arisen in the Eastern Mediterranean as a result of Turkey's actions, Emmanuel Macron believes that a combination of diplomatic and military methods should be used. "Diplomacy cannot exist without a red line established by military means and military presence. But the use of military force without diplomatic ways is counterproductive, as it will lead to further escalation. Therefore, both factors of influence should be combined, which we are doing," Emmanuel Macron said .

Merkel and Macron also expressed concern about the situation around Alexei Navalny. They said they were ready to provide him and his family with all the necessary support in terms of medicine, shelter and protection.

Source: euronews