Project of Circassians from US to strengthen ties between Circassians around the world

Two young Circassians from the United States Yamiz Bachkhaz, a Master Connector of the FinTech Connector and Zalim Uarshukye, a practicing lawyer, uploaded an YouTube video in English language with a Turkish translation explaining their project on strengthening ties between Circassians around the world.

The video also explains how the financial question can be resolved in order to run business plans, investments in the homeland and others.

Their activity will be carried out through the website they have opened at this address:

Few days ago we published on our blog about other young people from Turkey who have opened a news website "Ghuaze" and today we brought you another group of young people who are interested and want to contribute to the development and progress of the Circassian people. Anyone who declares himself a Circassian must be interested in these activities as well as support them. The success of such initiatives is the success of all Circassians.