US imposed sanctions against Russian and German companies

The US Department of Commerce has published a list of 10 Russian, 3 German and 1 Swiss companies that have come under trade sanctions in connection with the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. This list was published in the US Federal Register on Wednesday, March 3. Washington believes that these organizations may have been involved in the creation and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons,- DW reports.

Among the Russian companies, the list includes the 27th Scientific Center of the Ministry of Defense, the companies "Himmed", "Femteko", "Interlab", "Labinvest", "Analyt Products", "Intertek Instruments", Pharmcontract, Rau Farm and "Regionsnab". Among the German ones: ChimConnect Gmbh, Pharmcontract and Riol-Chemie, as well as one company from Switzerland - ChimConnect AG.

Earlier on March 2, the United States announced that Russia was included in the list of countries with respect to which there is a refusal to export defense products, technologies and services.

Recall that sanctions on Russia began in 2014 after Russia took over the Crimean peninsula. Recently, sanctions have been stepped up after Nabalani's arrest.