130 countries of the world agree on "digital tax"

130 countries and territories around the world have agreed to join a large-scale reform that includes a global tax on digital corporations and will reduce the possibility of tax evasion for international companies. This was stated by representatives of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), within the framework of which the project was created,- euronews reports.

The idea is that, first, corporations pay taxes in the same country where they made their profits. Secondly, in order to avoid the emergence of "tax havens", a minimum obligatory bar for all countries is introduced - not less than 15%.

"This is an ambitious and innovative global agreement. This is the most important tax agreement in a century. The next step is the G20 meeting in Venice on July 10, where finance ministers must express political support for the document." French finance minister Bruno le Maire said.

Work on the project has been going on for several years; in today's conditions, it is called a very timely opportunity to provide state budgets with additional revenues for the recovery of economies after the coronavirus crisis. The total amount of new receipts is estimated at $ 150 billion annually.