Bislan Hagaz'i: The Caucasus Federation did not keep its promise

Left: Bislan Hagaz'i and the president of the Caucasian federation in Turkey Yeldiz Shekerdgi

Bislan Hagaz'i from the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria is a jurist by profession who works in various Circassian affairs and especially on the issue of supporting returnees to the historical Circassian homeland.
About a month ago, Circassian activists posted a picture of Bislan along with a statement saying he is running for the presidency of the international Circassian association (ICA).

The conference of the association mentioned above take place in the city of Nalchik (Kabardino-Balkaria) on September 19. The day before the conference Bislan decided not to run for president and withdrew his candidacy. 

According to a recording released in WhatsApp Bislan says that months before the conference of the international Circassian association he coordinated and agreed with the heads of the Caucasian Federation (Turkey) to present his candidacy and he was promised support from this federation which is a member of the international Circassian association, and not only that, the heads of the federation promised to talk with other Circassian organization in the diaspora, in Jordan, Israel, Germany and others in order to support Bislan's candidacy for the president of ICA.

According to the recording, a day before the conference of ICA, the heads of the Caucasian federation after their meeting with government officials of Kabardino-Balkaria informed Bislan that they would not support him for the presidency.

Bislan Hagaz'i says in the recording that the coordination with the Caucasian Federation to present his candidacy for president was not in one talk but in many talks and discussions which the heads of the Caucasus federation promised to support him, but at the last minute they changed their minds.

This case shows that the Caucasian Federation and also the other organizations that are members of the international Circassian association have no opinion and no decision and they do what the government officials tell them.