Uber company: Dutch court on the side of drivers

Photo: Eric Baradat - Getty images

The Dutch court recognized the Uber drivers as employees. The company "must pay them in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement of taxi drivers," euronews reports.

Also, the court in Amsterdam decided to recover compensation from Uber in the amount of 50 thousand euros for non-compliance with the labor agreement in favor of the Federation of Dutch trade unions FNV, which filed the lawsuit.

"We are disappointed with this decision because we know that the vast majority of drivers want to remain independent. They do not want to give up their freedom to choose time and place of work. Therefore, we will appeal," head of Uber in Northern Europe Maurits Schonfeld said.

FNV explained that according to the verdict, taxi drivers who cooperate with the service are entitled to appropriate benefits, including the minimum wage, paid holidays and sick leave. This applies to approximately four thousand Netherlands drivers.