A new excursion route began to work in the capital of Adygea

A new excursion route “Adyghe Hearth” has been launched in Maykop. It was developed within the framework of the "Miye Valley" project, the press service of the city administration said.

According to the head of the city Department of Culture Roza Tseeva, the first excursion of the “Adyghe Hearth” was held in a test format. The guests went up to the observation deck of the monument, from where a picturesque panoramic view of the central part of the city of Maykop opens.

From the beginning of November, the organizers plan to conduct three different routes through the historical sites of the capital of the Republic of Adygea.

All tours are free of charge, but with a limited number of participants due to the coronavirus.

You can sign up for a sightseeing walk in the instagram account of the city department of culture.

The "Miye Valley" project is being implemented by the Department of Culture of the city of Maykop together with the "ANO Kultprosvet".