Kabardino-Balkaria invites tourists to an eco-hotel at an altitude of 4,000 m

Photo: Press Service of Kavkaz.RF JSC

The highest mountain shelter in the Russian Federation located in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic at an altitude of 4 thousand meters above sea level on the southern slope of Elbrus.

Ecohotel LeapRus began accepting applications for accommodation next year 2022, with the provision of additional travel services. This was recently reported in the press service of Kavkaz.RF JSC.

In the eco-hotel, the rates include a sleeping bag, three meals a day according to the "Buffet" system, warm water, Wi-Fi and modern conveniences, as well as transfers on the cable cars of the Elbrus resort and snowmobiles.

Ecohotel LeapRus serves as a base for acclimatization hikes before the climbing of Elbrus, but not only climbers but also tourists who love the Caucasus mountains come here.