The Abkhazians in Turkey do not like the Circassian flag

On October 15, a general conference of the Abkhazian Association in Turkey was held in the city of Izmit. What interested us at this conference and as you can see in the pictures is the absence of the Circassian flag. The number of Abkhazians in Turkey is very small and does not exceed a few thousand, but if we add to them the Abaza maybe the number will reach up to 20 thousand people.

Compared to this conference almost all the Circassian organizations in Turkey in all their conferences show the Abkhazian flags along with the Circassian flag. As is well known, the  number of Circassians in Turkey over five million people and they are organized in hundreds of official organizations and live in all the cities of Turkey and in hundreds of Circassian villages.

Here the question arises - why do the Circassians always show the Abkhazian flag and the Abkhazians as we have seen do not show the Circassian flag?