The president of the ICA Hauti Sokhrokov works to divide the Circassian nation

There is no Circassian flag in the office of Sokhrokov

We are the Circassian (Adyghe) group at homeland and in diaspora.

We were shocked to hear the inappropriate language used by Mr. Hauti Sokhrokov during the interview with Circassian journalist Ms. Asiat Ismail.

We were also shocked when, during the census voting, he called for perpetuating fragmentation and segregation of the Circassian nation on regional and tribal grounds, contradicting what was dictated by his position as president of the International Circassian Association, which aims to unify, strengthen and develop the ties of the Circassian diaspora with the historical homeland of Circassians.

Instead of Mr. Sokhrokov being a unifying factor for the Circassians, he became a factor of division, thus losing the credibility of representing the presidency of the International Circassian Association.

We frankly and clearly declare that the policy and approach of Mr. Hauti Sokhrokov does not represent us.

We hope that you will add your voice to ours and spread this statement.
Thank you,

Source: - Circassian (Adyghe) group of homeland and diaspora.