Adygea: An ancient Circassian pear of 300 years old was cut down in Khamyshki

In the village of Khamyshki in the Republic of Adygea, on November 26, on a private territory, the fact of sawing down an old Circassian pear and apple tree was witnessed,- this was reported by @circassian_garden on instagram.

The chairman of the department of the Russian Geographical Society in Adygea Igor Ogay, the doctor of biological sciences Maksim Shapovalov and the correspondent of the AIF-Adygea newspaper Karina Kadieva arrived at the site after they get a call.

According to preliminary estimates, the trees were 250-300 years old and were in good condition before the destruction.

According to Igor Ogay and Maxim Shapovalov, the facts of the destruction of such trees are beginning to be noted more and more often.

In this regard, they believe, it is necessary to initiate in Adygea a program for the certification of all ancient Circassian fruit trees, as well as their legislative protection.