Cyclist from Adygea Mamyr Stash is on top again

Mamyr Stash, a graduate of the sports school of the Olympic reserve in cycling of the Reoublic of Adygea, the champion of the Russian Federation, the winner of the European Championship and the World Cup, became the only Russian athlete who got into the TOP-5 according to the results of the cycling race 126.6 km long.

This race was the first in the new year, and, despite the bad weather, the Circassian athletes showed an excellent result. The best of the Russians was Mamyr Stash, who took fourth place and entered the top five of the strongest riders, - that's what they said in the republican cycling school.

Mamyr Stash, a multiple winner of international road races, played for the Gazprom-Rusvelo and Itera-Katyusha teams. Today he is part of the Renaissance team.