31 years ago in Adygea the Declaration on State Sovereignty was adopted

On June 28, 1991, the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Adygea was adopted.

Chairman of the State Council-Khase of Adygea Vladimir Narozhny called this date a historical and important starting point, a symbol of the beginning of deep transformations in our native Adygea. 

“On this day 31 years ago, at the fifth session of the Adygea Regional Council of People’s Deputies, an important legal document was adopted that determined the place and role of Adygea in the renewing Russia and became the basis for the development of the Constitution of the Republic of Adygea,” wrote Narozhny in his telegram channel. https://t.me/vladimirnarozhny/1130

According to him, this step towards independence and further transformation of the republic was a reflection of the will of the peoples, a confirmation of respect for the dignity and rights of people of all nationalities living in the republic, responsibility for the fate of the Adyghe nation and all other peoples.

“Time has shown the correctness of the decisions taken then. Much has changed in the republic in the years that have passed since that day. Today Adygea is an independent and inalienable subject of the Russian Federation, where the issues of preserving the language, culture and traditions of the people are successfully resolved, peace reigns, interethnic and interfaith harmony, where wide prospects for economic, social and public progress are open,” Narozhny said.