Circassian filmmaker Kantemir Balagov left Russia because of the war in Ukraine

Circassian filmmaker Kantemir Balagov from the Caucasian Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, who left Russia, decided to transfer the work of his new film about Circassians from the city of Nalchik to New York.

The site "Caucasus Knot" reported that on March 6, filmmaker Kantemir Balagov from Nalchik announced that he had left Russia due to the situation in Ukraine. Producer Alexander Rodnyansky approved the director's decision.

And after Kantemir Balagov decided to transfer the work of his new film "Monica" from Nalchik to New York, the director began to rewrite the script. In the new version of the script, the film will be built around the Circassian diaspora in New Jersey.

The director himself is now in the United States, where he obtained an O-1B visa, which is issued to people who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in the arts.

The producer of "Monica"  Alexander Rodnyansky, also left Russia ... "