The government of the Russian Federation did not support the changes to the law on compatriots

The website reports that the appeal of nine Circassian and human rights social movements and organizations about the inadmissibility of adopting a bill on the concept of "compatriot", introduced by deputy K. Zatulin, received a response from State Duma deputy from Kabardino-Balkaria Victoria Rodina

The negative response of the Government of the Russian Federation explicitly states that the draft law contradicts Art. 19 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation: The division of peoples into categories provided for by the bill does not meet the principle of equality of peoples.

"Taking into account the position of the Government of the Russian Federation, we hope that K. Zatulin's bill will be rejected and withdrawn from discussion during the first reading," the report says.

The proposal to change the law about the compatriots of the Russian Federation which suggested by K. Zatulin says that the compatriots of the Russia Federation will be considered as compatriots if they speak and know the Russian language.