Ex-president of the Circassian Charitable Association Samir Qardan passed away

After a struggle with illness, which did not take him long, the former Jordanian deputy parliament and the Circassian activist, Samir Qardan passed away this evening, Tuesday 16 of August, 2022.

He served as elected president of the Circassian Charitable Society in Jordan for several periods since 1990, and before that, elected secretary of the Circassian Charitable Society.

He held several important positions in Jordan, including Vice-President of the Handball Federation, elected president of the General Union of Electricity Workers for 12 years, and a member of the Board of Directors of the General Organization for Social Security for two terms.

He was also a representative of the Jordanian General Federation of Trade Unions in many Arab and international forums, and the head and rapporteur of more than one committee at the international labor conferences in Geneva.


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