A photo of Riyad Sharkas with Yazeed Al-Rajhi causing debate in Twitter


Middle: Yazeed Al-Rajhi, right: Riyad Sharkas 

On social media, especially Twitter, a picture that caused a strong debate and which supposedly the participation of the Lebanese businessman Riad Sharkas, in the wedding of the famous Saudi rally driver and businessman Yazeed bin Muhammad Al-Rajhi, in the Kingdom, despite the fact that Sharkas issued a judicial ruling against him in 2019 in a case of commercial cover-up in the Kingdom, and he was expelled from Saudi Arabia.

In this context, the Saudi newspaper, Sabq, quoted well-informed sources as denying what is being circulated about the participation of Riad Sharkas in Yazeed Al-Rajhi’s wedding yesterday.

The newspaper's sources confirmed that Riyad Sharkas has been deported, and the judicial ruling has been implemented against him, and he is not in the Kingdom. And regarding the published photo, the newspaper writes that it is from 2016, on one of the Al-Rajhi family's occasions.

Riad Sharkas is a Lebanese citizen. He had a company to "supply parties and events" in Saudi Arabia, and worked there until 2019.

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