Why did they remove Johnson from power and put Sunak in his place?


Many think that the political changes that have happened in Britain in recent times are natural and that the main reason for these changes is the economic situation in which the country is like all other countries of the world that are suffering from the slowdown of the economy caused by the virus and also the war between Russia and Ukraine.

It was not the economic situation alone that brought about the changes, but also the national security situation of Great Britain in the context of the war in Ukraine. In the eight months of the war, we saw how the relations of Great Britain and the Western countries deteriorated with Russia, and even brought this to the brink of war between them. In connection with this, we have seen the strong positions taken by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson in relation to Russia, which reached the point of mutual warnings for the use of nuclear weapons between Russia and Great Britain.

Apparently, Britain's security system saw that Johnson was taking too extreme positions towards Russia that could lead to war. The security forces know very well that Britain alone cannot stand against Russia and this is because of the small geographical area of ​​Britain and in the case of a nuclear war there is no chance for Britain to stand against Russia. Of course, Britain should not be alone, but when you are a country, you have to first trust yourself and your options.

In the situation we have seen, it is reasonable to assume that the security forces of Great Britain, together with political forces, decided to remove Johnson from power, and indeed they did it, and replaced him with Liz Truss, a woman who cannot be described as the Iron Woman as they called Margaret Thatcher. In this situation, Truss would lower the tension with Russia. As we know, Truss resigned and Rushi Sunak was chosen in her place, who, in the opinion of the security forces, in terms of the national security of Great Britain, was the right man at the right time. Sunak, who is of Indian origin, his attitudes towards Russia will surely be softer and will not lead to a situation of direct confrontation with Russia, and his Indian origin will of course have a positive effect on the relations between India and Britain, and it will also psychologically affect the Russian president Vladimir Putin, who has expressed his sympathy for India several times. And thus they will soften the tensions between Britain and Russia.

We do not believe that genetics affects a person's way of thinking, but if the person knows that he is from a certain nation, then the culture of that nation will affect the person in a certain way. Boris Johnson's origin is Circassian (from the Caucasus) and he acknowledges this fact, by the way Johnson's sister Rachel also acknowledges her Circassian origin and both visited Turkey to search for their Circassian roots, as it is known, over 6 million Circassians live in Turkey. What we saw during the eight months of the war that Johnson has a Circassian (Caucasian) character that resembles the English character in many ways. Character of courage, character of not being afraid of the enemy and such. On the other hand, Sunak, who is of Indian origin, of course, and the Indian character is found in him, and if we describe the Indian character, then we can describe him in the context of this issue, which is a calmer and softer character and can be defined as a non-warlike character.

Rachel Johnson