Young entrepreneurs in the social sphere of Adygea can win grants


The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Adygea announces a competition for grants from the republican budget to small and medium-sized businesses included in the register of social entrepreneurs, and (or) small and medium-sized businesses created by young people under the age of 25 inclusive,- the newspaper Sovetskaya Adygea reports.

The results of the grant should be the creation of at least one new permanent job by July 1, 2023, or an increase by December 31, 2023 by at least 10% of the proceeds from the activities of an SME, or an increase by July 1, 2023 by at least 10% of the average salary of employees.

The competition is held from October 24 to November 24.

Documents are accepted in Maykop at 199 Pionerskaya St. The Ministry's e-mail: Details are on the department's website -