Young people ask Lana Abzakh to present her candidacy for the management of the Circassian Association in Jordan


Lana Abzakh (right)

Circassian young men and women from the Circassian community in Jordan met with the Circassian activist Lana Abzakh with the aim of convincing her to present her candidacy for the leadership of the Central Circassian Association in Jordan. This information was published in one of the Circassian groups on Facebook.

Lana Abzakh is a Circassian activist who was formerly a member of the management board of the central Circassian Association in Jordan. More than a year ago she along with three other members resigned from the management without clearly specifying the reason for the resignation.

Lana Abzakh and several other members who were then members of the association's management started a big plan to make a fundamental change regarding the way the central association works, and several actions were carried out in this direction. According to the experience we have in such situations, in all the countries where the Circassians live, any serious action to change the situation is met with resistance from the Circassian officials in the various institutions of the government, and these, together with the old officials within the association, thwart any action that could bring a substantial change. This bureaucracy, of course, and it is being helped by the Jordanian government to thwart the change. And this was probably the reason for the resignation of Lana Abzakh and his friends from the management of the association.

Along with the Circassian activity, Lana Abzakh holds management positions in several international organizations on the issue of refugees.