Adygea: Lagonaki and Guzeripl will be connected by a high-mountain road


In the Republic of Adygea, the construction of a high-mountain road from the village of Guzeripl to the Lagonaki plateau continues. The total length of the road is 17.2 km. It will loop the road network in the mountainous part of the republic.

The project has been implemented since 2018. Now the builders have approached the construction of the 3rd stage of the road.

“Construction of the road Guzeripl - Lagonaki plateau is one of the major road projects of the republic, important for the development of the tourist infrastructure of Adygea. This road will connect two popular tourist locations. In addition, new opportunities will appear in the mountainous areas, which will become even more attractive for tourism and comfortable for life,” - the head of Adygea Murat Kumpilov said.