The annual meeting of the Circassians of Libya will be held on November 24


The Circassians of Libya hold a forum on the 24th and 25th of this month in the Circassian region of the city of Missrata in Libya. This information was published on the Facebook page of The state of the Circassian sultans.

One of the goals of this gathering is to strengthen the connection and acquaintance between the members of the Libyan Circassian community, and to send a message to everyone that the Circassians will always remain one hand.

A fundraising campaign will take place to help each other in all respects, and the big supporter of this gathering are the senior businessmen from the Circassian community in Libya.

The forum will witness sports and cultural activities. Work is now underway to establish a football stadium and a volleyball court.

The number of Circassians in Libya is estimated at more than 200,000. Most of them live in the cities of Missrata, Benghazi and Tripoli.