Circassian athletes honored by the Central Circassian Association in Syria


On Thursday evening, at the headquarters of the Central Circassian Association in Syria, in Rukn al-Din (Damascus), the sports heroes of the members and children of the members of the association and the outstanding students at the level of the Syrian Republic championships, the recipients of gold, silver and bronze medals in various sports (athletics - Judo - karate - jiu-jitsu...) were honored. A number of coaches, activists and supporters in the sports field were also honored.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association, Ghassan Shora, thanked and appreciated the champions, coaches, supervisors, and the Sports Committee, wishing the continuation of excellence and higher levels. He also thanked Ms. Thana Abdel Aziz Ishaq, who presented material prizes to the sports champions.

At the end of the ceremony, a group of young people presented a dance segment (Djegu), who had previously followed a training course on teaching Circassian dance, customs and traditions related to the Circassian dance (Djegu), and the Chairman of the Council thanked Mr. Yasser Kari, who implemented this course, stressing the importance of spreading and strengthening customs in general and those related to dance in particular.

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