Kfar Kama and China will cooperate in the fields of tourism and culture


February 25 another visit of guests from East Asia took place to the Circassian village of Kfar Kama, and this time by the senior representation of the Chinese Embassy in Israel. This was published on the Facebook page of the Kfar Kama Council.

The delegation included, the first secretary, the cultural consul and the military attaché of the embassy - the guests were impressed by the village, toured the old core of the village and received an overview of the Circassian village and the Circassian culture from the head of the Kfar Kama council Zakaria Napso and the director of the Circassian heritage center Aybek Napso.

During the visit, cooperation was agreed upon with the two Chinese villages that were also included as Kfar Kama in the list of the world's tourist villages for 2023.

Also, it was agreed on the participation of artists from Kfar Kama in festivals in China, and vice versa.

The visit of the representative of the Chinese embassy in Israel took place at the initiative of the Circassian activist Yossi Khatukai.