On the state of affairs in the Circassian diaspora in Syria


There is very little information on the Internet about the situation in the Circassian diaspora in Syria in connection with the latest natural disasters. Therefore, I consider it necessary to translate from Circassian into Russian the information that came from the lips of the Head of "Adyghe Khase" of Syria, Dr. Hassan Shora in a news release on the Adiga itv page:

"Glory to the Almighty, as a result of the earthquake, there were no deaths among the Syrian Circassians. According to the latest data, about 5 thousand people became victims of the elements in Syria. Even more wounded and injured. As of yesterday, 22 Circassian families were evacuated from their the houses are no longer habitable.

Some buildings have already been demolished, others are waiting for their turn. After such cataclysms, it is impossible to reveal all the consequences within 1-2 days. Need time. Circassians who have lost their homes do not live in villages. They are all located in cities - most in Aleppo."

I express my gratitude for this broadcast to Yemuz Bayazıt and Nart Alash.

Astemir Shebzuho