14.03.2023 - Maykop: Concert "Music of the soul" of the variety ensemble "Oshten"


Musical program "Music of the soul" of the variety ensemble of Adygea "Oshten"

The concert program will feature the best musical works of the Soviet stage, golden hits of foreign popular music. 

The works of modern Circassian (Adyghe) authors and songs of their own composition will also be presented, which will be performed both in traditional performance and in modern processing, and will be accompanied by colorful national dances.

The artistic director of the ensemble is the honored work of arts of the Republic of Adygea Ali Khachak.

The concert will take place in the house of culture, the village of Khanskaya (8 km from Maykop), the Republic of Adygea, 14.03.2014, 11.00 am.