Are the Circassians so poor that they can't set up one TV station


There will be many who will not like the title I made for this article and to them I ask a question, if they are not poor then what are they?

When 5 million Circassians in the world fail to establish a single TV station that will broadcast in the Circassian language and the other languages, how can this situation be described. It is true that the ancestors of today's Circassians went through a long journey of more than one hundred and fifty years of living in the diaspora following their expulsion from their homeland of Circassia in 1864. But despite this crime committed against them, the Circassians managed not to assimilate and preserved their identity in one way or another.

I think the Circassians have come out of the past crisis of deportation and extermination and it is time for development. Despite the dispersion of the Circassians, today technology makes it possible to unite in goals that can help the development of the Circassian people.

In the nineties, when the Soviet Union disintegrated and the gates of the homeland were opened to the Circassians, there was a great opportunity to unite and promote the interests of the Circassian people. But this opportunity was not used and there was no progress but on the contrary, a deterioration in terms of assimilation, a difficult demographic situation in the homeland and many other things.

Those who lead the Circassian communities should stop and think about the situation of the Circassians both in the homeland and in the diaspora and try to find solutions to the existing problems.

One of the most difficult problems the Circassians suffer from is the loss of their language. They say when there is no language then there is no nation. The most effective way to stop the process of losing the language is to establish a TV staition that will work in the Circassian language and whose center must be in Europe. If the Circassians manage to establish a television in this year 2023, then we can say that they are not poor.

Note: The Circassian republics supposedly have TV stations, but the truth is that they cannot be called TV when their broadcasts amount to a few minutes a day.