Raul Arashukov complained about the impossibility of performing prayers in the prison


Raul (left) and Rauf Arashukov in court, December 27, 2022

Raul Arashukov, the father of former senator from the Karachay-Circassian Republic Rauf Arashukov, who was also sentenced to life, has complained about the impossibility of praying at night in the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center in Moscow, where he is awaiting an appeal against the verdict.

His lawyer Ekaterina Malinovskaya told newspaper "Vedomosti" about Arashukov's claims. According to her, the impossibility of performing prayers is connected with the ban on getting out of bed at night, which is fixed in the order of the pre-trial detention center, while the time of the first morning prayer on April 5, established by the Council of Muftis of Russia, is 3:33 in the morning. Malinovskaya stated that her client received a reprimand for performing namaz.

The lawyer noted that the situation is complicated by the current month of Ramadan, when Muslims can drink and eat only before the first and after the last prayer.

In December last year, the Moscow City Court sentenced Raul and Rauf Arashukov to life imprisonment in the case of creating a criminal community, murders and embezzlement. The jury found it proven that the defendants in 2010 organized two murders for mercenary motives. The Arashukovs plead not guilty.