Circassian horsemen from the Circassian Republics gathered in Shapsugia

Riders from the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Karachay-Circassian Republic, Republic of Adygea and Krasnodar region gathered in the village of Aguy-Shapsug (Tuapse district) to sum up the results of 2021 and outline plans for 2022. The gathering place is symbolic - despite the not close path, we will always be happy to visit our brothers in Shapsugia, who, in turn, always show exemplary hospitality.

On my own behalf, I will say that despite the difficult times in terms of restrictions, 2021 turned out to be a rich year - the riders were in St. Petersburg on the Hipposphere, where they presented the Kabardian horse in the most dignified way at the largest equestrian forum in Russia; an equestrian crossing was made along Shapsugia; The Fund for the Development of the Kabardian Horse Breed held a Circassian Derby at a high level - all the events cannot be listed.

We hope that the Almighty will allow you to spend 2022 even more productively.

P.s .: one of the most promising and ambitious judokas of the Russian national team, a participant in the Tokyo Olympics, Mikhail Igolnikov, was presented with a gift from "Sheu Khase" - a magnificent stallion of the Kabardian breed. We expect victories from you at the highest levels, Misha!