The president who spoke about the Circassian genocide

18.10.2019, on the birthday of the first president of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, Valery  Kokov (1941-2005), members of the public gathered at the cemetery of the village of Dugulubgei near his grave to honor the memory of an outstanding Circassian Russian politician, reports the press service of the city of Baksan.

Among the gathered were representatives of the older generation, various public organizations and political parties, as well as people who knew him and worked with the first president of Kabardino-Balkaria.

The head of the local administration, Mr. Khachim Mamkhegov, addressing the audience said that "Valery Mukhamedovich is a great son of his people, a man who left a good mark in the hearts of people."

As a sign of deep respect for the memory of the first president, scarlet roses were laid at the foot of the grave.

Note that during the time of Kokov, in 1992, the Parliament of Kabardino-Balkaria issued a resolution recognizing the Circassian Genocide and the president himself publicly appealed to the federal government of Russia Federation to recognize the Circassian (adyge) genocide.

The speech of Valery Kokov about the Circassian genocide (russian language).