Adygea developing the green energy in the republic

Head of Adygea Murat Kumpilov 

The project for the construction of the wind power farm in Republic of Adygea is nearing its end and this is the first powerful wind farm in the Russian Federation.  At the same time, the construction of two solar power plants began in the republic. They will be located at two sites - near the village of Khansky and the village of Mamkheg.

As the Head of Adygea Murat Kumpilov wrote on Instagram, the climate is favorable for the successful implementation of the project - in the republic, on average, there are more than 250 sunny days a year. Kumpilov said that the agreement on the construction of solar power plants was signed in 2018 at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.
“We expect that the comprehensive work on the development of green energy will affect the increase in the republic’s energy capacities, which will contribute to the development of the economy of Adygea and, in turn, the implementation of new projects,” said the Head of Adygea.