The 85 year old will lead the Circassian Charity Association

On January 11, in an election held in the Circassian Charity Association in Jordan, 15 people were elected to the organization's executive council. In the elections, about 2,000 members of the organization voted and selected 15 members out of 21 candidates.

The new council voted unanimously and elected Samir Karden as the charman of the organization. In the coming days, the new council will also elect the heads and members of the various committees of the organization.

The new head Samir Karden was born in 1934. In the past, he held government positions as well rules in social and civic institutions in Jordan.

Note that, about 100,000 Circassians live in Jordan and the majority of them are not members of the Circassian Charity Association whose numbers reaches only a few thousand.