Adygean Institute discusses the Circassian problems

"Circassian progress" took part in a meeting in ARIGI

On February 6, Adygean Republican public movement "Circassian Progress" took part in a meeting of a discussion club at the Adygean Republican Institute for Humanitarian Studies (ARIGI) dedicated to the day of Russian science.

The topic of the meeting was Circassian issues, understanding the essence of what is happening with the nation in the past and present, vision of ways to resolve.

In the meeting participated well-known figures of science, culture, representatives of the "United Russia" party, the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Republic of Adygea and the Krasnodar Territory, the republican movement "Adyge Khase- Circassian Parliament", the Council of Elders, the Statistical Office in the republic and others .

Member of "Circassian progress" Ali Bghane and the chairman Aslan Agirov spoke on the Circassian issues, noting the need for such discussions and interaction, but with the condition of constructiveness and positive productivity.

A thesis was proposed on the return of articles and paragraphs of the Constitution of Adygea and republican laws ensuring the observance of the rights and interests of Circassians (Adygs), the fulfillment by the authorities of Adygea of ​​their duties in relation to the Circassian nation and not addressing the entire complex of the Circassian problems to public organizations.

The participants supported the proposal of the ARIGA Director Adam Tleuzh ​​to identify point-by-point aspects of the problems and to more substantively continue the discussion in the near future.

Executive committee of "Circassian progress"

Source: circassianprogress