Only 6 Circassians were able to return to Adygea in 2019

Photo: Meeting of Circassians in Moscow asking Russia to help the Circassians of Syria (2012 - 8 years ago)

In 2019, 6 Circassians compatriots from four countries moved back to Adygea in the framework of the program “Assisting in the voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad in the Republic of Adygea” for 2019-2021.

"For 2019, 6 program participants received a certificate of participation, of which two are Turkish citizens, two Jordanian citizens, one citizen of Syrian, and one citizen of Uzbekistan,- reports agency Kavkaz.Reali.

According to the Committee of the Republic of Adygea on Nationalities, in accordance with the decree of the federal government for 2020, Adygea has been allocated 300 quotas - permits for temporary residence.

The Committee also reports that, today in the Republic of Adygea there are more than 2000 Circassian compatriots from Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Israel and other countries.

Note that that every year new laws are issued in Russia that make it difficult for the Circassians to return to their historic homeland. One of these laws requires the knowledge of the Russian language.

Circassian activists say this law contravenes the constitution of the Russian Federation and the constitutions of the Republics inside the Russia Federation as well the principles of the federalism. As it well known, Russia is a federal country made up of different states and different nations.