An attack on Iran could cause a global nuclear war

In January 2020, US President Donald Trump ordered to kill one of the Iran's best-known generals Kasim Suleymani. This event is not simple at all and could bring disastrous results to the world. In the past, the Trump method has been to put a strong pressure on the rivals countries of the United States but without using military force. This time, this tactic has changed and there has been a use of force that could complicate the United States and the world for a world war, the consequences of which will affect all of humanity for decades.

The Middle East is a very important area to the world because this area is very rich in oil and gas. If Iran respond and attacks the US military forces in the Middle East the United States will respond and attack Iran more strongly and then Iran will attack Saudi Arabia and Israel with the help of Syria and Lebanon. And so the chain of countries involved in this war will grow, and in this chain there are nuclear states, the United States, Russia and Israel which could create a major flare-up that would lead to nuclear war.

Note that few years ago because of the war in Syria the United States and Russia were on the verge of a military clash.

The military might of these countries could be analyzed according to their statements. Ten years ago Barack Obama said that Russia is a regional power. At the same time, Putin said that the United States is a super power. But in recent years, Putin's statements about the United States have changed completely. A year ago, Putin declared that Russia have the power to harm the United States and not only that but hurt the places of the decision makers of the US. The United States did not respond to the Putin's statement. A month ago Putin declared that the hegemony of the United States as a supreme single power is over. This situation has given Russian leaders confidence over their power and they may confront the United States if Trump makes a big mistake in the Middle East.