Circassians wrote a dictation in their native language


On February 6, Circassians in Maykop - the capital of Republic of Adygea, Nalchik - the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, Cherkessk - the capital of Karachy-Circassia, city of Stavropol, Mozdok, Moscow, as well as in the Turkish city of Duzdje wrote “Circassian (Adyghe) dictation”,- reports Kavkaz.Realiya.

The event was timed to the Day of the Circassian language, which is celebrating on March 14 every year. The initiator of the dictation was Adygea State University.

“This year, it is new that all Circassians in the world write 'Adyghe dictation' on a single day, March 6, the head of the ASU Adyghe branch of philology and culture Nuriyet Khamerzokova said.

In Adygea, those who want to test themselves for knowledge of their native language write "Adyghe dictation" for the second year.

"The text of the dictation was read last year by teachers of the Adyghe department, linguists and scientists, and this year we invited famous personalities,- Khamerzokova  said .

According to the organizers, this is not an usual educational, but an educational action, the purpose of which is to popularize and preserve the native language.