Adygea softens the regime of self-isolation

From May 14, a phased exit from the regime of self-isolation begins in Republic of Adygea. Before that, construction sites and building shops were opened. And from May 14, weekend markets and fairs are allowed to work but with observation to the requirements of the ministry of health of the republic.

Under these conditions, the service sector will start, this applies to beauty salons and car washes. Walking and playing sports in the open air are possible taking into account the recommendations for distance and compliance with sanitary standards.

“All trade enterprises must withstand disinfection and comply with the prescribed sanitary standards. Any violation - is a direct basis for the closure of the store or the outlet. At the same time, it is necessary to conduct appropriate informational explanations to citizens on the observance of sanitary safety measures. With the phased removal of restrictive measures, the implementation of sanitary requirements should be under tight control,- head of Adygea Murat Kumpilov said.

In the framework of the decisions taken in Adygea, the regime of self-isolation of people over 65 and people with chronic diseases is maintained; social distance; access mode; ban on holding public events. At enterprises whose activities are not suspended and involve risks of contacting citizens, wearing masks and gloves is mandatory and necessary.
“At the same time, the accumulation of children in yard areas and the neglect of measures of social distance are unacceptable. Moveable Testing Points should continue their work, and municipal authorities should be flexible in responding to the development of the situation,- Murat Kumpilov said.