EU emergency summit on Belarus has begun in Brussels

An emergency summit with the participation of the heads of state and government of the EU countries on the situation in Belarus began in Brussels on Wednesday, August 19. It takes place in a videoconference format. “The people of Belarus have the right to decide their future and freely choose their leader. Violence against protesters is unacceptable,- European Council President Charles Michel wrote in his Twitter microblog,- DW media reports.

The conference participants will discuss what additional assistance they can provide to Belarus. Among other options, they mentioned the establishment of a fund to help victims of repression, funding projects to support media pluralism in this country, advising on reform of law enforcement agencies, expanding student exchange, and facilitating access for Belarusians to the labor market in the European Union.

On Friday, August 14, the foreign ministers of the EU states agreed on the imposition of sanctions against persons who may be involved in violence against demonstrators and falsification of election results in Belarus. The European Union has already started drawing up a sanctions list.