Circassians of the homeland want to unite into one organization

On August 30, a meeting of representatives of the Circassian national organizations from Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, Karachay-Circassia Republic and Republic of Adygea took place.

The main topic of the discussion was the upcoming census of the population of the Russian Federation and the position of the Circassian public on the issue of the nationality which each one will register in the census.

From Adygea, took part in the meeting, the well-known figures of Adyghe Khase of the republic, Adam Bogus and Shamsudin Neguch, the chairman of the Maykop Adyghe Khase Zaurby Chundyshko, members of the executive committee Ali Bgane and Khazrail Kidakoev, the chairman of the movement "Circassian progress" Aslan Agirov. From Karachay-Circassia took part the well-known figures of Adyghe Khase of the republic Muhamad Cherkesov, Adam Adamiqo and other activists. From Kabardino-Balkaria took part few Circassian activists headed by Albert Sheugentsuk.

The meeting unanimously confirmed the formula of "adyghe" in the Circassian language, "Circassian" in the other languages and made a preliminary resolution, which will be made public after revision and approval online.

Other issues discussed at the meeting were the establishment of a Circassian organization that would unite all Circassians in the Russian Federation and ways to strengthen ties between the Circassian homeland and the Circassian Diaspora.