Cleaning woman won elections in Kostroma region of Russia

In the Kostroma region of Russia, in the election of the head of the Povalikha rural settlement was won by Marina Udgodskaya, who works as a cleaner in the administration, Meduza reports.

The 35-year-old woman was the only person who put forward his candidacy against the current head of the settlement Nikolai Loktev. She secured the support of 62% of voters - 84 out of more than 130 people who came to the polling station voted for her.

According to AiF, Udgodskaya was formally nominated by the regional branch of the Russian Party of Pensioners for Social Justice. In addition to working as a cleaner, she was on a non-permanent basis a deputy in the council of deputies of the village.

At the same time, in an interview with the Podyom newspaper, Udgodskaya said that she went to the elections as a “dummy candidate” at the request of the head of the village, Nikolai Loktev.

“There was simply no man, and I was like a dummy. I wanted to help. Together with him and were. I didn't think that they would vote for me, I didn't expect such a turn. I didn't do anything at all, but people came and voted, ”she said.

According to her, she “has no idea at all” about new responsibilities: “I'm not ready internally. One must take office, and then the powers must be curtailed somehow. It's hard: I have never had any business with documents."

She plans to hand over her mandate immediately after taking office - in this case, new elections will be called in the settlement.

In total, 562 people live on the territory of the Povalikha rural settlement, its territory exceeds 400 square meters. km.

This situation shows how much the people of Russia are tired of the existing government - any candidate at every level who does not belong to the existing government can win the election, of course if there are clean elections. We saw it in Belarus when a girl who had never been involved in politics defeated dictator Lukashenko.